Top fashion jewelry beads for handmade jewelry

The charming beads come from different and various kinds of colors, shapes and sizes, beads can be almost used for making any type of jewelry as you can imagine. If you want to prastic your creation, you can make your beaded jewelry or send as a gift. The materials for beads are various such as gemstone, bone, glass, crystal, wood, gold, silver and many so on. Now I would like to introduce some kinds of beads for you!

Acrylic beads: it is one of the most popular beads comes from all kinds of shapes and sizes as well as colors. They are made from a kind of plastic that is cheap and almost everyone can afford them.

Tibetan beads: it is one kind of best seller beads with charming and special character. They are special from Tibetan and nationality character, so people who travels to the Tibetan will purchase some Tibetan jewelry as gift.

Metal beads: they are usually made from alloy which is solid and wonderful. Some kinds of metal beads are made from previous materials such as silver, gold or platinum.

The category of beads are countless, you can always find one kind of beads that meet your needs.

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Shapes of Beads

Beads come in heaps of styles and hundreds of colors, sizes, textures as well as styles. Beads decorate everything from clothes to household items, including interment clothes in early cultures.

Following is just a sampling of a few of the most – employed shapes of beads, although by no means an exhaustive list. Remember that materials, crafters, and local tradition may order the form of the beads used in the ancient world.

In the contemporary world, old and new beads are still broadly purchased and sold. Jewelers, crafters, hobbyists, and cottageindustry craftspeople create beaded items in great numbers. The people eagerly buys their products and continues to aid the business by using their patronage.

Seed: Usually made from glass, but sometimes made from plastic, seed beads are the miniature, usually translucent beads used by Native Americans for their comprehensive bead work.

Round: Round beads made of valuable or semiprecious stones are usually faceted, but not consistently. More common gemstones are occasionally, but not generally, faceted.

Rondelle: Diskshaped and mainly used as spacers, rondelles help transition from one kind of bead to another, or they split up a vast sweep of like beads.

Oval: Much like rounds, oblong beads are just an elongated circle, tapered at each end. The hole is drilled through the extended axis of the bead. They inhabit lots of space on a string of beads.

Rectangle: Slightly puffy rectangles, usually made from ceramic, plastic or glass, rectangle beads add an uncommon form to the usually curved edges of beads.

Tube:In all sizes from tiny tubes the size of grains of rice up to tubes as large as ziti pasta, tube beads are streamlined, but take up a lot of visual space when strung.

Rice: Similar in size to tubes, rice beads are formed more like a real grain of rice.

These are just some of many different designs and styles of beads in use now and throughout history.

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Jewelry Tips

Jewelry is a kind of decoration both for men and women, they are ideal for them to make up. But when you are purchasing and wearing jewelry, how many tips and methods can you get familiar with?

If you are fond of brooch, and brooch is the jewelry that you can purchase according to seasonal, such as Christmas brooch, Valentine’s brooch or Easter brooch, the price of these brooches must be high if you purchase them at that period. The best way for you to get these brooches in a low price with high quality is that you should buy them out of the season or order them earlier.

Jade is usually a popular stone that is created from nature, the health function is larger exceed the function of jewelry decoration. It is said that jade can make human beings’ body be in good condition.

In the daily, you should take good care of your jewelry, only you can treat them well, they will do good not only for your appearance but also heath.

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How to choose

Beads cap is the important and necessary accessory, so it is urgent necessary for you to learn something about choosing beads cap. The beads cap comes from different colors, shapes and sizes, you should choose one kind depending on your jewelry design and type.

Before you are purchasing beads cap, you should have to consider from the three aspects: size, shape and color when you are choosing your beads jewelry design. First, let’s talk about the size of the beads cap, a majority of people will choose the smaller cap for their beads. Then comes to the shape of beads cap, round cap can be applied for round beads, and you can also use for flat and other shapes of beads, you should choose the right beads cap or it will harm for the beads you make. The third thing you need to consider is the color, if you like vintage jewelry, antique colors will be your nice choice, if you like modern jewelry, silver shining beads cap is better.

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Add beauty to your outfit with pin brooch

Accessories are necessary for women.It not only adds the beauty ,but also shows your status. The jewelry ,such as the pin brooch is the collocation to the formal occasion,such as wedding ceremonies ,dinner party ,celebrations and so on.. Also ,on some normal occaison ,pin brooch is also a nice choice ,and can make you appear more charm and elegant.           Compared with other jewelry ,the pin brooch is quite a new kind of jewelry in the market.But nowadays , the pin brooch is widely used in decorating the women’s beauty.More and more women are inclined to wear the pin brooch to match with their dressing.The exquisite designed pin brooch with bright colors can go well with the dressing.

The pin brooches are available in different colors ,shapes and materials.Take the rhinestone pin brooch for example, it is preffered by many women .With the bright colors and exquisite design, the pin brooch is widely used in the decoration .More and more people are attracted by the brilliant lustre.The rhinestone pin brooch comes in wide shapes ,such as flower, butterfly and other animal shapes .With exquisite design and sparkling sheen ,the rhinestone has gained the popularity among people.
Besides it ,the jade brooch is also popular among women.Green jade is usually used to design the brooch..The jade brooch is the perfect accessories to add elegance and make you gain classic look. So ,the jade brooch is quite popular among mid-aged women .
No matter what kind of pin brooch you want ,it is the best accessories for women to add beauty and charm..Also ,the pin brooch is a wonderful gift for women .The exquisite designed pin brooch with stunning colors has arouse the tendy in the market.
Choose a pin brooch you like and enhance your beauty and charm.

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